Thursday, December 31, 2009

Introduction Project

Mission Statement

Our main priority is to design an alarm system that will help to reduce the number of theft of personal goods in IIUM mosque.


To design a user friendly alarm system for IIUM students’ belongings especially laptop which will alert them when it was stolen.

To design a system which able to trace the direction and the location of the goods.

Introduction Group

This blog content the progress of our project monitored by Dr. Wahyudi Martono. The project is compulsory in order to complete the course, Mechatronics Systems Design.

MCT 4125 - Mechatronics Systems Design

Basic concepts of mechatronics system, reverse engineering of real world example of mechatronics systems (disassembly and analysis of commercially available mechatronics systems). The nature of mechatronics design approach, integrated systems design, selection and interfacing of mechatronics components and prototyping, design project in mechatronics system development.
IIUM Engineering

Our group consist of 4 members such as Rosli, Madnok, Izat and lead by Hassan.