Monday, January 25, 2010


As a method to gather data, we have interviewed one of the imam’s who work at the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque.

  • Is it true that there are laptop often lost at the SHAS Mosque
  • Yes, it is true.

  • How many cases happened until now?
  • Average once a week laptop lost

  • When the incident happened?
  • The incident tends to happen during congregational prayer.

  • What is administration action to prevent this case?
  • Installing CCTV at the hotspot and ensuring that there are security guards patrolling.

  • After the administration action, how many cases solved?
  • There are no cases solved since the perpetrator knows when the security guard is patrolling.

  • Do the case still decreased after the action taken by the administration?
  • The incident decreased for a while but return back to normal as it before.

  • Why the case did still happened?
  • The case still happened because the perpetrator is still out there.
Our conversation is stop because the azan for Asr already echoed.

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